How to contact Adiscon

Do you need help from real people? No problem! Here is how you can contact us:

Adiscon GmbH

Mozartstr. 21

97950 Großrinderfeld


All Countries:

Phone: +49-9349-9298530


Phone and E-Mail support is limited to customers who purchased support incidents!


Secure Web Response (eMail form)

Please keep in mind that we are 1 hour east of GMT. That means it is 6pm in Großrinderfeld if it is noon in New York, USA. Right now, it is Central European Time (CET) in Großrinderfeld.

We strongly recommend contacting us via email. If you like to call us by phone, we recommend calling in the early morning for American sites or late afternoon for Asian sites.

The address given above is for all customer communication. The corporate headquater is located in Mozartstr. 21, 97950 Großrinderfeld, Germany. All legal matters should be addressed to this address.