liblognorm 2.0.3 released

We have just released liblognorm 2.0.3. This new version provides some fixes for the the annotate function and adds a test for it. A few different issues have also been fixed. See the Changelog for details.

Changelog:Version 2.0.3, 2017-03-22

  • add ability to load rulebase from a string
    introduces new API:
    int ln_loadSamplesFromString(ln_ctx ctx, const char *string);
  • bugfix: string parser did not correctly parse word at end of line
  • bugfix: literal parser does not always store value if name is specified
    rule=:%{“type”:”literal”, “text”:”a”, “name”:”var”}%
    is used and matching message is provided, variable var ist not persisted.
    see also


As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

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